Winter Sports

Within a radius of 30 km from the guesthouse you'll find a ski center where you can enjoy winter sports and contemplate the snowy mountains

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Open All year - Rooms 12 - Capacity 38

Agios Dimitrios, Pieria, Mt Olympus, Macedonia

Guest house Small Traditional hotel

Eco-label certifing Green & sustainable methods are used
Taste traditional breakfast of the area
Activities Hiking Stay & Bike Mountain stay Gourmet stay Stay & Harvest Winter Sports Eco friendly stay Cuisine lessons Farm Stay   History & Archaeology
From 100€
Offer available Online booking
Open All year - Rooms 9 - Capacity 27

Sidirochori, Kastoria, Macedonia

Small Traditional hotel

Activities Hiking Oenology Stay & Bike Mountain stay Winter Sports
From 50€
Open All year - Bedrooms 4 - Bathrooms 3 - Capacity 10

Ano Gatzea, Magnesia / Pelion, Thessaly

Holiday home

Activities Horse Riding Hiking Stay & Bike Winter Sports
From 250€